Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Frosty Nails for a Frosty Morning | HowTo

Hello my lovely readers,

Summer has truly been and gone and it is freezing!

Sitting in my bedroom this morning, ready to give my nails a much needed splash of colour, I started to reminisce about the glorious summer trend of ombré and happened upon a fool proof, winter-friendly compromise - Frosted tips!

Now (as you may know) I am no nail artist, but as far as a quick, cute and fool proof technique goes, this is just perfect! So what's today's secret weapon??

Ah yes, the humble eye-shadow applicator! Now in my make-up arsenal, these have become obsolete as I much prefer to use a stiff brush for my eye-shadow application - so this morning I opened up my eyeshadow palette and put the lonely applicator to work!

So the simple process... I painted all my nails with Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Varnish in 730 Silver bullet and then once dry I took my eye-shadow applicator and gently covered it with Headline Colour Nail Varnish in Pool Party (which I received in a past GlossyBox!) and finally just dabbed gently at the tip of each nail.

I really like the look, it's relatively adventurous for me and there are tons of variations, you can dab the entire nail and layer multiple colours too! I'd love to see you guys give it a try - I'm sure most of you have much more skill than me!

Don't worry about ruining your applicators, a quick soak in nail varnish remover will do the trick, although I recommend doing this very soon after application - in any case applicators are very widely available and super cheap, so experiment freely!

I happened on this idea this morning, but I'm in no way claiming to have invented a new nail technique, I'm sure thousands of girlies have done it before me - but this is super quick, cute and fool-proof and I'd love to see what you guys come up with!

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Love you guys xxx


60 Second | 730 Silver Bullet

Killer Colours
Headline Colours | Poolside Party