Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My Everyday Winter Fragrance | Gucci: Eau de Parfum II

Brrrr it's frosty and dark out there - although I detest freezing, I adore Winter beauty and fashion. With this new season comes some positives: I love the new clothing options, my make-up sits better and I have some firm Winter fragrance favourites.

When thinking about my 'go to' perfume during Winter, there was only one choice for me - the beautiful Gucci : Eau de Parfum II.

Whereas I like a very floral and light option in the summer, I think that this Gucci fragrance manages to achieve a more substantial scent without being heavy, musky or over-powering. Every spritz gives me hints of orange, blackcurrant, rose and jasmine - a beautiful Christmas-worthy concoction.

I've been using Gucci every Winter for years now, it's always a pleasure to wear and lasts all day. Highly recommended and loved, I strongly urge anyone to give this scent a whirl - when testing do bear in mind that all perfumes oxidise and harmonise differently on others,  but I'm sure no matter what, it'll be delicious!

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Love you guys